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Our plastic tube packaging offers a wide range of benefits over other packaging solutions. Flexible polyethylene retains its shape under rigorous transportation and handling, and the tubes stand upright on their cap, allowing for easy point of sale product display and hygienic dispensing.


Our cosmetics tubes are the perfect packaging solution for creams, lotions, gels and shampoos, as well as hotel cosmetics and spa products.

Our tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Tubes can be produced in single or multi-layers, and their composition determines the hardness of the tube –for softer tubes, we use more low density polyethylene (LDPE); for harder tubes, more high density polyethylene (HDPE).

We offer

  • A wide range of single and multi-layer cosmetic tubes
  • A range of volume capacities and sizes – from 10 to 250 ml
  • Tube labelling and printing solutions
  • Several tube cap designs
  • Low minimum orders at attractive prices


As part of your order, you can choose to have the tubes labelled or have your designs printed onto the packaging. A first-use foil seal and hot metallic stamping are also possible.

Labelling is a lower cost alternative, with both foil and paper solutions offering full CMYK design possibilities.

Our dry offset printing solution ensures a high quality print applied directly onto each tube, followed by a matt or glossy UV varnish. Both print techniques include optional thermal gold or silver foil stamping.


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Cosmetics tubes