A responsible approach to plastic production is one of our priorities.

As part of this, we offer customers a bioplastic alternative to our traditional polyethylene cosmetics tubes – production of which is independent of fossil fuels.

Biopolyethylene (also known as renewable polyethylene) is polyethylene made of ethanol (harvested from sugar cane or other biomass sources), which becomes ethylene after a dehydration process. The final product is indistinguishable from conventional polyethylene, and thus is recyclable in the same chain.

Sugar cane polyethylene has the same properties as petrochemical polyethylene, which means that the properties of your content – such as smell or flavor, moisture, density, and effects – are securely protected. Another important benefit of bio-based polymers is their low carbon footprint.

Emphasize your product’s natural composition and authenticity, and show you care for sustainability, waste avoidance and recyclability by using our bioplastic tubes.
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